Witnesses to a Changing West: The Golden Eagles of Greater Yellowstone’s Bighorn Basin



Photo courtesy of Moosejaw Bravo Photography.

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The Team

Wild Excellence Films
Through the powerful media of  video and still photography, Wild Excellence Films brings attention to wildlife and wild places and the conservation issues that affect them through unique, beautiful storytelling. Inspired by years on the trail and on the water as silent observers of wildlife and nature, their films are meant to instill a deeper appreciation of how special our wild lands are and give audiences the inspiration to preserve them. 

Melissa and David Rohm, Conservation Filmmakers
Husband and wife team Melissa and David Rohm have more than three decades of experience behind the lens, and their passion for the natural world is what inspired them to launch WEF. Their goal is to make documentaries that educate, inform, and awe audiences, encouraging people to get involved with saving wild places and the living things that inhabit them. Clients include Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial, Cook Forest State Park, and Butler County Tourism.

Dr. Charles Preston
Dr. Charles R. Preston (third from right, above) is currently the Willis McDonald, IV Senior Curator of Natural Science and Founding Curator-in-Charge of the Draper Natural History Museum at the renowned Buffalo Bill Center of the West, in Cody, Wyoming. He received international acclaim for his “visionary” leadership of Draper design and development (1998 – 2002), and the Draper has become a model for a new genre of highly immersive natural science museums.

Trained as a wildlife ecologist, Dr. Preston is widely recognized as a leading authority on wildlife and conservation issues in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. He is currently directing a long-term study of predator-prey relationships and ecosystem dynamics in Greater Yellowstone sagebrush-steppe communities. In addition to Greater Yellowstone, he has conducted fieldwork through much of North, Central, and South America, including the Galapagos Islands.

Previously Dr. Preston was Chairman of the Department of Zoology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. He holds or has held adjunct faculty appointments in the Haub School for Environment and Natural Resources, University of Wyoming, Biology and Environmental Science at the University of Colorado (Boulder and Denver), Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Denver, and Biological Sciences at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.